There'll be some changes made

Substack schedule

Hello friends, fellow travelers, dear readers,

It’s time for some housekeeping. My readership has grown - for which I am incredibly grateful. I’m basically starting a third career at the age of 68. I was a teacher for a while, a gigging musician for many years, and now most of my time is spent writing (though I remain active in music)

The nature and schedule of my little corner on Substack will change as follows:

1) I will write a piece of general interest at the beginning of each week. This may be current events, philosophical/ethical musings, childhood reminiscences from Communist Prague, or a selection from my memoir, the preliminary title of which is “Shimmering Moments”. This section will always remain open to all readers on my email list

2) on Fridays or Saturdays, I will write a column called “Week In The Rear View Mirror” The title is self-explanatory. I promise no wokeness and no post-modern verbiage. Just a few condensed thoughts of a libertarian whose grandfather was a Rabbi. This section will be offered to paying subscribers only

3) “But wait! There’s more! This professional butcher’s cleaver can be yours”…Actually, no cleavers. Once or twice a month - more if the muse should perch on my shoulder - I will write a piece about my life in music. I played my first gig at the age of 14 at a girls’ boarding school in 1967, my first professional paying gig in 1971, in a hamburger joint frequented by the Tel Aviv mafia in 1971, and my last pre-Covid gig at an upscale gallery in New Smyrna, FL, in March 2020, washing my hands every 15 minutes as virus news had obsessed the airwaves. Lots of ground to cover. Some of it funny. Some of it hair-raising. And some featuring incredible musicians. This section, too, will be for subscribers only and will be an irregular feature.

Thank you all once again for your interest. It means the world.

George G